Meiling Lake Villa

Meiling Lake Villa

* Project name: Qionghai · Meiling Lake Villa * Decoration method: prefabricated decoration * Project area: 211㎡ * Project style: light luxury * Main application material: inorganic mineral board * Design and construction party: Tianjin Anyada Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
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  As far as space design is concerned, if the hard outfit is the skeleton, then the soft outfit is the soul. No matter how well-designed space is, it also needs to be displayed to interpret the essence and artistic conception of each space, just as the perfect script is inseparable from superb acting skills, adding some drama to the space and presenting a soulful story to the viewer.


  This case is presented in a prefabricated assembly style by Anyada's patented product-inorganic mineral board. In the soft furnishing design, well-known masters in the industry are invited to personally perform the design, such as the sofa. It comes from the famous Chinese designer Qiu Deguang. Teacher Qiu Deguang is a leading figure in the Chinese design industry. Known as a master of neo-decorism in the industry, he pioneered the NEO-ART DECO oriental aesthetic style, advocating the integration of fashion elements and aesthetic consciousness into the work and transforming it into a symbol of honorable status.


Living room · Sofa area


Anyada  Anyada  Anyada


Matching skills:The soft space tones are matched with leather and fabric home furnishing accessories to show a sense of luxury. Combining light, lamps and simple furnishings, it easily creates a unique artistic conception of ethereal, tranquility and elegance.


Living room · Background wall


Anyada  Anyada  Anyada


Matching skills:The background wall uses gradual blue to metaphor the surging sea, the sky and the sea meet; the walnut bookcase, the dark green leather chair and the metal texture side table interpret the elegance and luxury; and the designer pays attention to the construction of the scene. , Depicting a comfortable vacation scene of leisure fishing by the sea with artistic ornaments.






Matching skills:The umbrella placed at the entrance was made by the Chinese master sculptor Qu Guangci, who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree. Not only did his works have won numerous awards, he also founded his own brand called Xiqi.




Anyada  Anyada


Matching skills:The kitchen and dining room are open-plan, and the overall space is spacious. The marble-textured wall and dining table design exudes European-style extravagance, embellished with artistic paintings, vases, and ornaments, highlighting the romantic artistic sentiment of the space.


Master bedroom


Anyada  Anyada


Matching skills:With high-grade gray as the main color, blue and white as the embellishment, under the main tone of tranquility and relaxation, leather grain, fabric and metal are used to create a light and luxurious home texture


Second master bedroom


Anyada  Anyada


Matching skills:Continuing the marine style, blue-toned furniture, decorations and interesting artistic lines are used to highlight the theme of the space design.




Anyada  Anyada  Anyada


Anyada  Anyada


Matching skills:The soft furnishings of the corridors and aisles are creatively decorated with art pieces and pendants, giving the space a luxurious texture and modern cultural and artistic atmosphere.

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